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British Airways passengers have called a flight to Gibraltar a “near-death experience” after extreme winds resulted in the aircraft being tossed and turned in the air. The terrifying incident was filmed from inside the cabin and captures the screams of the panicked passengers. The wing of the Airbus A320 can be seen rising and falling as the plane is buffeted to the alarm of the BA travellers. As it rocks up and down, the ground below can be seen and then the sun in the sky a couple of seconds later.

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Flights: British Airways plane lurches in extreme winds over Gibraltar in shocking video

 It’s believed to have lifted by nearly 45 degrees, reported The Sun.

People can be heard crying out and swearing as they are affected by the alarming weather conditions.

The flight, from London Heathrow in the UK, was heading for Gibraltar but had to abort the landing and divert to Malaga instead.

Passenger Adrian Worth, 33, from Devon told MailOnline: “We were going around looking to land and it started tipping from side to side.

“A few people were panicking as we were unsure what was going on.

“They gave us a warning it would be rough weather but no one could predict that the plane would swing from side to side.”

Fellow passenger Eli Hassett said the ride was like a rollercoaster and compared it to “a near-death experience.”

Flights: British Airways plane lurches in extreme winds over Gibraltar in shocking video (Image: YouTube/Dave Clough)

He told Sky News: “I, as a father of three young children, started saying my last prayers.”

Another video, filmed from the ground, shows the plane from the outside as it is battered by the extreme winds. 

British Airways confirmed the flight was diverted as a precaution because of the windy weather conditions and said at no point was there a risk to safety.

A spokesman said: “The flight has landed safely and passengers have left the aircraft normally.

“Due to strong winds in the Gibraltar area, our pilots decided to land in Malaga as a precaution.

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“The safety of our customers and crew is always our number one priority.”

British Airways apologised for the diversion and said ground transport was being arranged for customers to continue their journey to Gibraltar.

A pilot has explained what passengers should never do if an emergency leads to an emergency evacuation. 

Trying to collect your belongings together could be life-threatening – both for you and others on the flight.

“I cannot overemphasise how unsafe this is,” Pilot Patrick Smith explained in his book Cockpit Confidential. “Luggage slows people down, impedes their access to the aisles and exits and turns the escape slide into a deadly slalom. Yet we keep seeing it.”

Flight attendants are yelling, ‘Leave your stuff!’ but they’re being ignored. “People are digging through the bins for their computers and backpacks; here’s a guy coming up the aisle with his roll-aboard.”

Smith points out that while such dramatic evacuations are rare they should always be treated seriously.


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