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Brexit could see British holidaymakers to popular European destinations facing huge airport queues if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal. The delays would be the results of extra border checks required by Brussels in the event of a no deal Brexit. UK passports would be subjected to the same checks as non-EU arrivals to Schengen Area countries. Spain holiday destinations would be hit particularly hard, research by consumer group Which? Travel has revealed.

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No deal Brexit could see Britons queueing for hours at airport passport checks

Alicante, in the south of Spain, would need the staff and resources to deal with an estimated additional 201 hours of immigration checks on British passport holders, on average, every single day.

However, unless extra staff and resources are invested in if there is a no deal Brexit, travellers will face long queues at Alicante and other popular Schengen Area airports after March 29.

According to The European Tourism Association (Etoa), the passport checks would add an extra 90 seconds for each UK passport holder.

This means it would take a single passport lane nearly five hours – to process the 189 passengers on a single Ryanair flight if all those passengers were UK passport holders.

This becomes an even more of a daunting prospect given Alicante airport currently welcome more than 8,000 UK arrivals on average per day.

Which? found that 43 per cent of all arrivals at Alicante are from the UK.

No deal Brexit could see Britons queueing for hours at airport passport checks (Image: Getty Images)Brexit: Spain holiday destinations such as Alicante would be hit particularly hard (Image: Getty Images)

The Spanish government has yet to explain how it will tackle the additional immigration requirements.

Other airports popular with Britons which will face huge queues in the event of a no deal Brexit are Faro, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Malaga and Ibiza.

A whopping 50 per of all arrivals at Faro in Portugal are from the UK.

However, the Portuguese prime minister has announced plans to open special fast-track lanes for UK passport holders at both Faro and Funchal airports.

Which? Travel Editor, Rory Boland, said: “Airports can be chaotic at the best of times, but if additional checks at passport control in Spain, Italy and other popular EU destinations are implemented in the event of a no deal, it seems that very long queues are going to be an unwanted side effect.

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“Until there is a deal or these airports announce simpler arrangements, you should consider what you may need if you have to fly to them – as it is very likely that you’ll be in a queue for several hours.

“Make sure you have food, water and essentials for kids like nappies to hand.”

A spokesperson for the European Commission confirmed to Which? that “as of the withdrawal date, UK nationals will not be entitled to use the separate lanes provided for EU/EEA/CH citizens.”

It also stated that British tourists “will be subject to thorough checks of all entry conditions for third country nationals upon entry.”

In the latest Spain news, two British men have been arrested after allegedly stabbing to bouncers in Benidorm. Is it safe to travel to the holiday hotspot? 

The victims were bouncers, one from Romania and the other from the Czech Republic. They were believed to be working at the Beachcomber bar on Calle Majorca in the Benidorm’s Little England area. A police spokesman told The Sun: “Two men have been arrested over a stabbing incident in Benidorm last night around 10.30pm. They are both British and aged 20 and 21. Two people, workers at the place where the incident happened, suffered what appeared to be stab wounds.”


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