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Google Maps: Street View team comes under threat (Image: Google)

Google Maps’ Street View team are quite often spotted patrolling the streets and the skies. The huge cameras, mounted onto backpacks, the top of cars or aerial devices can often be seen by pedestrians, therefore revealing their identity. They often snap shots of road layouts, travelling down well-known roads and residential areas. Yet one particular place you might not expect to see a camera is a paintball facility.

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The team ventured into the gaming zone in America, yet appeared to have met their match pretty much straight away.

They encountered a man charging out of a hut, armed with a paint gun.

He was seen firing pretty much straight away as he came into the light.

The paintball player was clad in a thick black protective gear making his bright red paint appear a stark contrast.

With none of the residue left on the lens, it appears the Google Maps cameraman made a quick escape.

Google Maps: The team came under fire in America (Image: Google)

It is not known why he had ventured into the forest area.

It is perhaps a possibility he had got lost, on a journey to photograph another area.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, Street View cameras were caught up in a hugely frightening scenario during a routine route around a lush, leafy county in the UK.

The team headed out on the attractive country roads of Cheshire, yet it was when they stumbled upon one abandoned warehouse in Daresbury when things took a turn for the worse.

The unloved state of the 18th Century building didn’t appear to fit with its tranquil surroundings and the happenings inside soon explained why.

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In pictures which stunned viewers to the core, scenes of Zombies strolling around the manor were captured.

Men with blood smeared over their faces stumbled around the messy floor unblock shirts and woolly hats.

Meanwhile, another male in a khaki print jacket, appeared totally deluded as he headed towards the lens.

Another in a hoodie was strewn on the floor, crawling through a doorway, presumably in an attempt to get some help.

Spray painted on one of the cream peeling walls was the incorrectly spelled phrase, “their coming”.


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