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A simple, everyday activity undertaken by many people in the UK could see Britons jailed in Dubai for doing the exact same thing. Traditional rules and customs forbid this particular everyday activity in any public area. For tourists on the go, sometimes a full three course meal takes too much time out if their vacation. Travellers with busy schedules to meet or pre-organised trips with tour guides often only have chance for a quick grab and go snack.

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Dubai laws: Eating this could see you jailed in the UAE – what is it? Dubai laws: Taking this item to Dubai could see you jailed

Yet those venturing to Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, should take note of its strict food rules.

Eating or drinking on public transport in the area is completely banned.

This includes both on board a form of public transport as well as in the associated stations, such as the metro, bus and even pedestrian crossings.

For those who are caught munching as they walk, they will face a fine.

This could amount to Dhs 100, or the equivalent of £20.

Dubai laws: Were you aware of this Dubai food law? (Image: Getty)

Meanwhile, another seemingly bizarre Dubai food rule has also come to light.

Dubai blog Expat Woman has advised chomping on an innocuous bagel could lead to time behind bars.

It’s not just a plain version of the bready treat which causes problems though.

Cinnamon, chocolate and ordinary are all permitted – yet it is the poppy seed alternative which is a complete no no.

Eating these versions of the carbohydrate treat is a violation both of laws in Dubai, and the UAE as a whole.

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It’s down to the fact poppy seeds are the origin of two drugs, these being opium and heroin.

The stringent drug laws in these countries mean a traveller who has the item in their possession – whether or not they plan to eat it – will be arrested for drug possession.

A lengthy jail sentence could then follow.

Previously, a Swiss man was jailed for four years for possessing just three poppy seeds which he had transported with him to Dubai.

They were in his possession after he had eaten at poppy seed bagel at London’s Heathrow Airport.


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