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Queen Elizabeth II is renowned for having two birthdays, hence double the celebrations. The UK monarch’s official birthday falls on April 21. Meanwhile her ceremonial celebrations always happen on the second Saturday of June. The double birthday tradition was started more than 250 years ago by King George II in 1748.


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This is said to have been because he was born in November, a winter month he did not deem suitable for public celebrations.

In her book The Royals, author Kitty Kelley tells of the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip’s reaction to questions about her birth date duplications.

During a tour of the United States, for the charity Variety Clubs International, he summoned the services of a Hollywood press agent.

After being asked about the now 92 year old’s birthday, Kitty wrote how he replied: “‘Don’t ask me to explain why it is that she has an official birthday in June when her proper birthday is in April.

“You’ll just have to accept it, like cricket, pounds, shillings and pence and other quaint British customs.”

Royal Travel: Prince Philip’s witty remarks about his wife’s two birthdays revealed (Image: Getty)

Referring to his trip in 1966 Kitty added: “Reporters were mused by the Prince, and in every city he received laudatory press coverage.

“He raised a million dollars for charity and returned home convinced that the Palace needed the British version of a Hollywood press agent.”

His optimism though was short lived.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, the Duke of Edinburgh’s stark remarks on flying for royal excursions have come to light.

Members of the Royal family usually always fly commercial class, particularly when venturing abroad for a personal reason, or on official duties they make take a private jet.

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The latter helps the monarch and her relatives build strong relationships between states.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the dad of four from making his thoughts on Economy class – usually the cheapest form of ticket on an airline – very clear indeed.

Prince Philip previously announced to the Aircraft Research Association: “If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort – provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.”

His words leave no doubt as to just what the Queen’s husband believes appropriate for the family.

Meanwhile, many of the family members have been spotted on commercial jets before, opting to fly with British Airways or even UK budget airlines.


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