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Google Maps: Cameras spot important forgotten item (Image: GOOGLE)

Google Maps Street View team picked up on a potentially massive holiday blunder during their travels. The cameras ventured to Belize, and the stunning Caribbean island of Caye Caulker. As they captured images of the crystal clear blue waters, they honed in on a seaside jetty. There, they found a discarded pile of luggage stacked up on a trolley.

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A variety of suitcases in different colours, shapes and sizes could be seen.

This included a lime green one, stored upside down and placed precariously on top.

The carriage looked to contain the belongings of a variety of people, perhaps travelling together on an organised trip.

It had been wheeled to the end of the dock, and placed on the end.

Its owners were no where to be seen, and it is unclear why the items were left unattended.

Google Maps: Cameras spot important forgotten item (Image: GOOGLE)

With Caye Caulker famed for its coral reefs and diving, perhaps the owners had ventured for a quick swim before heading home.

The closest person to the luggage could be spotted at the other end of the pier.

Meanwhile, a lone bicycle was also perched on the end.

It remains to be seen whether the baggage eventually found its owner.

In a completely separate incident, mystery turned to hilarity on a Google Maps adventure in Poland.

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A farmyard friend looked just like a pig in muck as the Google maps cameras came to call.

No ordinary cute pink piglet, this particular fun-loving mammal was in fact a man dressed up in a full head mask with beady eyes and a neon snout.

Its appearance was rather realistic, with two ears poking out from the top of his head and a leering look.

The cheeky chap had chosen the perfect place to play dress up, standing in front of a variety of meat-themed cushions in his shop in Warsaw.

Initially, the scenes appeared just like those in a butchers shop, with prime cuts of best pork behind the counter and on the walls.


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