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Flights suspended by numerous airlines to Pakistan with other Europe routes also affectedHundreds of travellers have been left stranded in Thailand by the flight cancellationsPakistan closed its airspace following tensions with neighbouring India and military conflict

Flights have been cancelled leaving hundreds of Britons stranded in south-east Asia after tensions between India and Pakistan threw global travel into chaos. The cancellations come after two Indian jets were shot down when they crossed into Pakistan airspace. Days before an Indian air strike took place on a militant camp which Delhi claimed had killed 300 people. Pakistan has temporarily closed down its air space affecting flights between Asia and Europe, and India also cancelled flights yesterday. This is the latest travel advice for those travelling to, from or within south-east Asia today.

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Flights cancelled across Asia as India and Pakistan war threat remains – are you affected?

Bangkok airport has been particularly impacted, with over 4,000 travellers affected, reported Associated Press. Some passengers have claimed they have had little help and complained about the lack of food and water provisions at the airport.

Photos also show hundreds of passengers stranded at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport following airline cancellations.


Emirates have updated their travel warnings on their website explaining that flights between Pakistan and Dubai have been cancelled. Flights from the UAE to Karachi and Islamabad have been most affected.

Passengers are advised not to travel to at the airport if their flight has been cancelled. Emirates apologised for the inconvenience and said: “Customers are advised to contact their local travel agent or local Emirates office for assistance.”

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines have issued a travel advisory: “Malaysia Airlines is not currently flying over the affected airspace and avoiding Pakistan and Northern Indian Airspace for flights to and from Europe until further notice.

“Safety of our passengers is of the utmost priority and we are closely monitoring the situation.


AirAsia posted on their website: “We are closely monitoring the situation in Northern India and any impact to our Amritsar and Srinagar services. Please check your flight status for up-to-date information.”

Flights cancelled across Asia as India and Pakistan war threat remains – are you affected? (Image: Getty Images)Thai Airways

Thai Airways cancelled all flights to Pakistan yesterday and cancelled 11 flights to European destinations today and yesterday. One flight even had to turn back after taking off.

“Normal flight operations to Europe” have been resumed today, according to the latest Thai Airways update. The airline has “received permission from the authority to operate its flights through the airspace of the Republic of China.”

Flights to Moscow, London, Frankfurt and Stockholm will fly today; flights between Bangkok and Muscat will not make a stopover in Karachi, Pakistan; while flights between Bangkok and Lahore remain suspended.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines announced that two flights from Singapore to London would have to stop in either Dubai or Mumbai to refuel, as would a flight from Singapore to Frankfurt.

The airline wrote on their website: “All other flights that overfly affected airspace will be rerouted, but are due to operate as scheduled at this point.

“As the situation remains fluid, customers are advised to check the status of their flights on our website or contact their local SIA reservations office.”

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Qatar Airways have suspended “until further notice” flights to Peshawar, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Sialko – all in Pakistan.

The airline posted a travel alert on their website: “Flights to other destinations close to this region may experience delays as they divert around the closed airspace.

“Passengers travelling to and from Pakistan or other destinations in the immediate region are advised to check the flight status information on the Qatar Airways website.


Etihad has cancelled all flights to and from Pakistan but “all other flights including India and East Asia routes continue to operate while avoiding Pakistan airspace,” the airline said on their website.

What is happening in India and Pakistan?

The Pakistani military claimed its airforce carried out strikes on Indian territory yesterday, and later shot down two Indian jets. India has confirmed the loss of one warplane but claims it shot down a Pakistani jet in return which Islamabad denies.

The Pakistani action was launched in retaliation to Indian airstrikes on Pakistani territory which took place on February 26.

According to India, camps controlled by the Jaish-e-Mohammed militant group were bombed by twelve Mirage 2000 jets, though Pakistan claims the attack hit open ground.

Indian action followed a suicide bombing on February 14 in Kashmir, which killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary troops.


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