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The Queen often embarks on royal excursions across the globe, many of which boast jam-packed agendas and little time to relax. After her husband, Prince Philip, retired from official royal duties in 2017, she has travelled on some tours alone. Otherwise, the UK’s longest-serving monarch has requested her family members represent the country and the monarchy on her behalf. Queen Elizabeth II has undertaken such trips to promote diplomacy and foster good relations between states since the age of 21.

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She has, so far, visited more than 120 countries.

Yet with such demanding tour timetables, a key secret to how the 92 year old keeps herself in tip top condition has been revealed.

Royal biographer, Robert Hardman, has discussed a specific posture technique practised by the Queen during every trip.

In his new book, Queen of the World, he wrote how this came to light thanks to the comments of an American journalist, during the royal’s first trip to the United States.

Robert wrote: “She wrote a famous account of the tour, in which she recalled the Queen’s advice on how to get through arduous tours like these.

Royal Travel: The Queen’s trick to managing royal tours revealed (Image: Getty)

“‘One plants ones feet like this,’” the Queen told her.

“‘Always keep them parallel.

“‘Make sure the weight is evenly distributed.

“‘That’s all there is to it.’

“The advice would be invaluable, with a punishing itinerary in 100-degree heat up the eastern seaboard of the USA.”

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Yet while the Queen’s alignment and posture may have been on point when meeting strangers, it appears her conversation may not have been.

It has been suggested Prince Charles’ mother was “terrified” of not being able to make full, educated conversations during such trips.

Author Kitty Kelley told how during such occasions, Queen Elizabeth II appeared to feel “self conscious” about “the gaps in her education.”

Kitty wrote: “Philip chatted with anyone about anything, while Elizabeth worried constantly about what to say.”

She added how Elizabeth was said to have confided her worries about public conversation with a close friend, and quoted the chat during which the monarch is said to have stated: “Believe it or not, I lie in my bath before dinner, and think, Oh, who am I going to sit by and what do they talk about?”

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