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Cruises: Cruise ship crew reveals shocking way companies CON passengers (Image: Getty Images)

Cruises a very popular way to spend a holiday for many Britons. They are a way to explore the world without moving from hotel to hotel. They also offer plenty of entertainment, from waterparks and bowling to dancing and music. Joshua Kinser unveiled in his book Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Crew Member the intriguing way cruise companies save money when it comes to using live bands. When he joined one cruise ship during his career at sea, he realised that a band on board wasn’t actually playing at all.

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Cruises: Cruise ship crew reveals shocking way companies CON passengers

“The trumpet player was moving his horn around, but he wasn’t moving his fingers. The clarinet player was doing the same thing,” he wrote.

“Even the drummer was moving his sticks up and down without touching the drumheads.”

He recalls how he couldn’t stop laughing and told his colleagues: “They’re not playing. The band isn’t actually playing. It’s all fake. They finally did it. It’s all fake.”

Kinser explained some cruise companies get round extra costs by using showbands that are “‘enhanced’ with backing tracks.

He said: “This has enabled the cruise ship companies to slowly reduce the size of the bands and, probably, gauge how much the band member reduction affected the audience member’ enjoyment of the show.”

The former cruise ship member remembered on one occasion he performed in an onboard production show “where the band was just faking it… all the music that was coming through the speakers was prerecorded and the show band just had to act as if they were playing.”

Cruises: The former crew worker realised that a band on board wasn’t actually playing at all (Image: Getty Images)

This doesn’t apply to all cruise ships companies, however. Kinser recognised: “There are cruise lines that still value live music and have their musicians playing completely live in the production shows.”

Entertainment isn’t the only area where some cruise lines try to get around rules.

Jim Walker, a lawyer who specialises in cases involving cruise-line employees and passengers, told Business Insider that if food is improperly stored or equipment is dirty during an inspection, some cruise managers will order the crew to hide the items in their own cabins.

This is so the inspectors won’t realise rules are being broken and they won’t be penalised.

He also added the food taken away to the crews’ rooms can also be later served to passengers.

In 2013, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) carried out a surprise inspection on a Silversea Cruises ship – the Silver Shadow – in Alaska following a tip-off.

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A crew member had sent photographs to the CDC of meat in cabin crew sinks and trays of food in corridors outside crew cabins.

The CDC noted an “organised effort to physically remove” 15 trolleys of food (including raw meat, milk and cheese) along with dishes and utensils from the kitchens in crew members’ cabins to “avoid inspection”.

The CDC gave the Silver Shadow ship an inspection score of 82 – scores of under 85 are “not satisfactory,” said the CDC website.

CDC inspectors poured chlorine liquid over the discarded food on the food to prevent it being served, said the final report.

Silversea spokeswoman Gina Finocchiaro told CNN in 2013 they were “deeply disappointed” in the outcome of the inspection, and called the incident an “anomaly”.

However, Walker said it was not uncommon for cruise ships to hide food away from government inspectors.

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