Hollywood Universal Studios – Experience with Transformers and Harry Potter

Hollywood Universal Studios is located in Los Angeles. It was originally a Hollywood film studio, but now it has become a theme park. Hollywood movies combine with advanced special effects to create the world’s top entertainment facilities with cutting-edge technology.

Jurassic parks, mummy revenge roller coasters and 4D riders like Transformers and Little Yellow Man bring visitors into virtual space and time to experience the thrilling process, and they do not return to reality until the end of the game.The most distinctive feature is the trip to the movie city. The tour bus guides tourists through the real Hollywood film studio to experience the shooting process of special scenes such as air crash, flood, explosion and so on.

Every day in the park, performances will be performed, Hollywood figures can be seen everywhere, shopping for popular surroundings, and a wonderful day in Universal Studios.

There are also scenic spots: Simpson virtual roller coaster, Jurassic Park torrent brave forward Harry Potter magic world, Transformers, 3D virtual roller coaster, mummy revenge roller coaster.


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